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With this foldable bag, there's no more forgetting your shopping bag at home and running out of bags when it's time to pay for your items. No need to carry around large tote bags for just a few errands either. This collapsible shopping bag fits in your purse in its handy little pouch. With its shimmering colors, you'll be on the cutting edge of fashion even when shopping.


About us

In 2018, we created a fashion and accessories brand specializing in wax products.

WaxMalia is a French brand. Our products are only sold online.

The brand chooses to employ Ivorian artisans and uses fabrics made in Ivory Coast. It is a family business created by a daughter and her father.

The logo, slogans, fabrics are chosen by the creators.
It all started when the father went on a trip to Côte d'Ivoire.

His daughter asks him to make him sew wax bags.

On his return to France, his daughter submits to him the idea of offering these products that he likes so much, to the greatest number.

They then created a website and a brand.

Above all, we want to share the pleasure of wearing products with such beautiful shimmering colors.

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